How to Promote Your Blog Effectively [Infographic]

Blogs still play an important part in digital and inbound marketing campaigns. Here are some tips for making the most of your blog.

In digital marketing, there is always a new trend, a new technology or a new way of thinking to take into account. But there is still a place for the humble blog. An infographic from Referral Candy provides tips from top marketing experts to improve your blog, and more importantly to promote your blog effectively.

First and foremost, your blog must be good. Providing helpful content, providing a unique perspective, telling stories, and responding quickly to trends will keep your content engaging and fresh. Once the content is there, make sure that customers and readers can find that content easily.

Yoast CEO Joost De Valk says:

Writing awesome content is nice, but not doing proper keyword research upfront is probably the most common mistake I see.

Posts with images get more engagement than posts without images. However, don’t just add any old image. Avoid stock images like the plague. Instead, make your images more effective with text overlay, use images to attract traffic from social sites and create more visual posts with graphics as well as captured images.

Building relationships is also a crucial skill for your blog. Build real relationships before trying to gain shares, build a loyal audience, share content from other blogs and use social networks to engage with others instead of just spamming them with marketing.

According to Carol Lynn Rivera, founder of Web Search Social:

The internet is a relationship economy. You have to give to get. This is definitely a long game, but the payoff is tremendous.

To see how important knowing your audience is, or to see how to maximize the potential of social media, view the infographic below.