The 9 Biggest Mistakes Rookie Podcasters Make

Today, podcasts are one of the most simple ways to brand engaging content and garner loyal followers. But there are mistakes even the pros make that could be the difference between being downloaded or ditched.

In’s How to Make a Podcast People Want to Subscribe To, producers and hosts count down the nine things that could be preventing you from getting more listeners.

Number 1: Not using quality sound equipment. Although you don’t have to buy fancy audio equipment to make your podcast sound its best, you shouldn’t skimp. “You don’t want to use whatever recording device you happen to have. You should get dedicated audio equipment,” said Andy Bowers, executive producer of video and podcast programming for Slate.

Bowers recommends the hand-held Zoom H1, which has studio-quality microphones on top and records in stereo for WAV or MP3 format. When you are ready to record, do so in an uncompressed audio format, like an AIFF or WAV file. “That’s the highest quality you can get, and then you can edit that later without losing any quality and then convert it to an MP3, which is what you will want to distribute later,” he explained.

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