How to navigate the Facebook ad campaign maze: Part II


In part I of our series on strategies for navigating the Facebook ad campaign maze, we looked at how marketers can successfully launch and manage their Facebook campaigns. Today’s post examines the best ways to get the most out of your Facebook ad creative.

Hint: size does matter!

As I wrote in a previous Inside Facebook post, Facebook has made it clear to marketers that it wants – and its users expect – a compelling, visually appealing reason to engage with a brand’s ad. That requires smart, compelling creative that recognizes the intelligence of the average Facebook user. No more generic ad creative or text-heavy wall posts. Instead, those must be replaced with high-quality ad creative that uses engaging images and limited text.

By adjusting your Facebook ad creative to make it more visually appealing and less text heavy, you will not only experience better engagement of the ad itself but improved performance of your Facebook campaign.

A new report, “10 Tips for a Successful Facebook Campaign,” published by my company, Matomy Media Group, outlines 10 of the most successful Facebook ad campaign strategies.

Here are three best practices we recommend for effective and engaging Facebook ad creative that generates real business results.

Tip #1: Don’t Use Stock Photos. Seriously, Stop.
Stock photos are like the Olsen twins of Facebook advertising: at one point they were cute and everyone loved seeing them. Now, they’re just sort of annoying and outdated.

Rather than using plain, generic stock photos, create unique and engaging images that are tailored for the specific audience you want to acquire.

Facebook is increasingly placing a higher value — in the form of increased News Feed exposure — to wall posts and ads that utilize higher-quality creative.

Using stock photos is easy and fast but over time creating your own pool of images in multiple sizes and languages will prove to be a wise investment.

Tip #2: Size Really Does Matter

No two ad types are the same and they shouldn’t be treated the same if you expect to maximize their performance potential.

Desktop News Feed ads, Right Hand Side ads and mobile News Feed ads are different in functionality and in image size. Each ad has a specific image size and text length.

For example, if you use a News Feed image on a right hand side ad your image will be cut and lose its effectiveness. Master the differences between them and you will be able to show better results.

Information on the different Facebook post and ad dimensions can be found here.

Tip #3: Keep the Creatives Coming

Publishing unique, constantly refreshed ad creatives is necessary in order to keep your ads relevant to Facebook users.

The relatively short lifespan of a Facebook ad means you must prepare a variety of engaging images in order to keep your ads near the top of users’ News Feeds. This is especially true for direct-response advertisers.

Quick reality check: Facebook is serving tens of billions of ad impressions per day to its one billion-plus users. Getting even 1% of your target audience to view your ad is a never-ending battle (a challenge that a smart marketing partner can help you overcome). Using great creative that is constantly updated and made relevant for specific audiences will help improve the odds that it is viewed by the right user at the right time.

This was an excerpt from a new report published by Matomy, 10 Tips for a Successful Facebook Campaign. The report can be downloaded for free here.

David Serfaty is Director of Social Advertising at Matomy Media Group (LSE:MTMY), a global digital performance-based marketing company. He can be reached at

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