How To Manage Your Facebook Page From Your IPhone

Yes, you can manage a Facebook page from a smartphone, to some extent. Here's how to do it with an iPhone.

Believe it or not, you can administer a Facebook page from your smartphone, to some extent.

This helps lower the time you’ll have to commit to updating your fans because scheduling these posts ahead of time with a third party tool often has the ability to hide your content in the news feed.

You can contribute to conversations on your pages, while also giving you the ability to share content on your wall using a smartphone. We’re going to focus on how to use the iPhone in particular to manage a page.

First log into the app on your iPhone and you’ll be on your main dashboard where you normally access your personal photos, wall, news feed, check-in’s etc.

You can add favorites to the core icons the app comes with, this is the easiet way to keep track of your page without searching for it each time you visit it.

Add your page as a favorite by clicking the + button and you’ll be given the option of adding a current friend or page as a favorite.

The pages tab is organized by pages you like and pages you manage. Select the page of your choice and now an icon will appear for that page, allowing you to quickly manage your page.

Currently, you can’t view your notifications for your pages on your iPhone in the same way that you would on your computer, but you can post links, copy and images to your wall and respond to comments on your wall, photos, videos and other content.

Now that you have your page added as a favorite you can decide to move the icon for it or any of the other icons any where you want.

Just press your finger over the icons for a few seconds and they will begin to shake and allow you to move them to wherever you want and delete them if necessary.

To begin sharing content visit your page and click on the info tab.

Once you’re here you can either respond to an existing fans question, comment or concern, share a photo from your library or write a post to share with your fan base.

When you’re viewing pages that you have administrative access to your posts will come up as a post from your page, not you personally.

Save a photo to your iPhone, take a new one or email the photo to yourself to begin sharing photos via your iPhone. Click share photo to start sharing photos with your fans.

If you want to share text with your fan base, just click write post. This can also be saved in your iPhone or emailed to yourself, so you have the content prepared ahead of time.

It’s worth mentioning that links shared via this function don’t end up looking that great when you post because you can’t make the same level of formatting customizations as you would on your computer.

Responding to your fans’ comments, questions and anything else in between is also fairly simple.

It’s a little more difficult then when your viewing your page notifications on your computer, but nevertheless it helps you stay connected with the people talking about your brands while on the go.

Just click on the particular piece of content that you need to respond to and you’ll be able to add a comment as the page.

It’s a great way to help keep the conversation continuing on all your page’s shared content.

In the end, the iPhone isn’t the final answer to all of your Facebook management needs.

Using a browser on your computer is still the go to method for Facebook page management, but that doesn’t mean its not an extremely helpful tool.

This application gives you the ability to both go to the park with your family and update your Facebook page all at the same time.

Brian Honigman is a social media account manager at LunaMetrics.