How to Make Your Own Virtual Newspaper with Twitter

Who needs a newspaper when you have Twitter?
This post may sound redundant to those in the know; but for those new to Twitter, here are some ways you can use the site as a one stop spot for your news – including links to get you started.

One of the top tweeters for world news is a profile called @ABCworldnews – where we get the news brought to us by The American Broadcasting Company.  If you follow this profile, you get frequent updates on major headlines from across the globe.  You can scroll through the headlines, and if one sparks your interest, click on the link and it will redirect you to a full article on the ABC News website.  Sure you could find the same news in a paper.  But this profile provides frequent image uploads and video news coverage, for a more interactive format.  And sure you could just log directly into the ABC website.  But Twitter allows you to get frequent notifications about new articles and news stories as they happen.  And articles are shortened into headlines – making it quick and easy to get the scoop.

Tweets from the British Broadcasting company can be found at @BBCnews.  And their take on world news can be found at @BBCworld.  And CNN breaking news can be found at @CNNbrk.

@BreakingNews is the big profile to follow.  People are drawn to this page because it contains world news from multiple sources.  So it is not strictly British and North American articles.

The best way to find local news on Twitter is to first take a visit to the web page of your local paper or TV News show.  If they are hip with the times, they should have a link to their official Twitter profile.

For those who live in large cities, Twitter profiles like @NYTimesObituary and @LATimesObits gives us the obituaries from New York and Los Angeles.  And you can find plenty of horoscopes on Twitter that you can add to your virtual newspaper.  We suggest checking out @zodiacfacts.

If you’re looking for a few good laughs because you’re missing the funny pages check out @TheOnion. Over 2 million people follow this hilarious fake news site.

Here’s how you can put this all together in your own virtual newspaper:

Step 1:  Open your Twitter homepage and click “Lists”.  Then click on “Create a list” in the drop-down menu.
Step 2:  Name your list something like ‘Virtual Newspaper’.  Then click ‘save list’.
Step 3:  Search your favorite news sources, horoscopes, blogs, obituaries etc and search them in the section that says “Find People to add to your list”.
Step 4:  When you click ‘search’ you can click ‘follow’ next to the profile that appears.  And there will be a little dropdown box to the right.  Click that box and add the profile to your Newspaper list.

Every time you log onto Twitter, you can open your Newspaper List and get all of your updates in one spot.

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