How to Make Your Own MySpace Layout

I’m sure you have cough yourself wondering how to create your unique layout for MySpace, so I will try to help you by providing few useful links so you can choose your favorite tool to release your ideas.

There are several reasons why people want to create unique layouts:

  • first of all, you can express yourself and really show your personality by creating your own layout.
  • there are pretty hard to find layouts today – hundreds of sites providing huge number of layouts – it is really hard to find layout you are searching for.

Here are some sites you can use to create your own unique layout. If you know some other profile editors let us know!


SnapLayout – this one is really cool and easy to use. It also offers ready made designs you can later customize.

4.jpg – this one is the best I found – maximum functionality and very easy to use.


Thomas’ editor is very simple, but it have all basic features to edit and create your own layout.

1.jpg – this editor is very easy to use, but do not offer wide range of customization options

2-copy.jpg – here you can customize almost everything, but the bad thing is that you must scroll down the page to see preview.