How To Make An iPhone & Android App Using Yapp

Want to make an iPhone or Android app for an event or for work? Check out the Yapp app, a tool for building apps on your phone.

You can access Yapp online at To make an app you have to create a Yapp account or you can login using Facebook. You can use the tool to build apps based on templates that can be personalized with colors and fonts, as well as your images and text. You can also add a Twitter feed.

The apps that you create can feature push notifications and can include content that doesn’t require the user to be online. You can also create apps that are private for select groups like a team at your office or perhaps your book club.

The final output can be formatted for both iOS and Android devices, though it won’t be published to iTunes or Google Play. Instead Yapp let’s you invite users to download the app via email. A user can then download the app directly on their phone.

ABC News explains: “The app you have created will appear in their Yapp Box – or a container folder in the Yapp app on their phone. Unfortunately, you cannot add a Yapp app directly to the homescreen of a phone right now.”