How To Make a Visual Resume

VisualCV lets you create an Internet-based, media-rich resume and share it with potential employers. Using the tool, you can build a resume that uses visuals to make it more appealing to look at.

Like other resume building tools, VisualCV lets you highlight your work experience with summary bullet points, skills lists, as well as education and work history. But the tool helps you liven up your resume by adding visual aspects.

Say, for example, you are a designer or a creative director, the tool lets you create a resume that features bright and colorful work that you have created right up front. The tool also works for job seekers who don’t have visual creations to showcase. For example, a sales executive might use the tool to include previews of recent reports that s/he has given, highlighting the colorful graphs and charts from the work.

Since the resumes live online, you can include links to your LinkedIn page, as well as links to any work that you have online. You can even add references that include email links to former bosses and coworkers. There is also a feature that lets potential employers print your resume as a PDF, for those people who still want to flip through printed out copies of resumes.