How To Make A Photo Book For Viewing In iBooks

Blurb, a company that has a toolset for publishing digital photo albums into books, has a new tool to help you make photo books that are readable in iBooks. We used one of their templates to test drive it. Here is the 10-step process that we followed:

1. Decide if you’d like to use a template or design your own specs.

2. Pick a size for your book.

3. Upload images. (These can come from a platform on your computer like iPhoto or from a web based photosharing platform like Flickr, Picasa, Instagram or Facebook).

4. Layout the book. You can drag and drop the photos that you have imported to arrange the book, or the platform will do it for you.

5. Design the cover.

6. Finalize the book and make an account. To save the project, you must create a login. Once this is completed, you’ll end up in the checkout cart.

7. Choose the “eBook Download for Apple iBooks” option for $1.99, click add to cart. And pay using a credit card or PayPal.

8. List your eBook or sale in the Blurb Bookstore and set the price.

9. View your work in the iBooks app.

10. Use Blurb’s  BookShow tool to share and promote the work.