How To Make a Nondisclosure Agreement for Your App Development

If you are thinking about hiring a developer and building an app, you should also consider creating a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

Follow this link to see a sample agreement for iPhone app development. It is a useful tool for drawing up your own document. We’ve also created a list of five places where you can find a mobile app developer online.  Here’s more about NDAs from iPhone App Quotes:

Becoming familiar with a non disclosure agreement sends a signal to the iPhone developer that you are serious about moving forward with your project, as well as protecting yourself. While executing a NDA is generally good practice, it sometimes may not be necessary. For example, you can probably speak at a high level with iPhone developers about functionality – “this app will connect to an external database, use GPS, mapping, calls to web files and utilize some 3.0 functionality like push notifications, will be a paid app.” Speaking in terms of functionality, you haven’t given away anything, yet you are giving the iPhone developer a good idea of what to expect. (Photo via Joybot)