How To Link To A Tweet

Did you know that each tweet has a unique URL that you can link to from another tweet, or within email, a blog post, on Facebook, or anywhere else on the web? Here’s how to link directly to a tweet:

How to link to a tweet

  1. Navigate to the tweet that you want to link to. You can find it on or on any dashboard that you use.
  2. Click on the tweet’s timestamp. A timestamp appears with all tweets on Twitter, and indicates when that tweet was sent. It is also directly linked to that tweet’s unique URL.
  3. From this page which contains only that particular tweet, copy the URL that appears in your browser’s address bar.
  4. Now you can share, shorten and tweet that direct link with whomever you like!

Why share a tweet?

Now, you might ask yourself: why would I want to share the URL to a tweet, especially on Twitter, when I could just retweet it?

For starters, you can link to, then shorten and retweet as many tweets as you like. This way you can highlight several tweets at once, rather than retweeting them all in separate tweets.

Plus, retweeting includes some or all of the text of the original tweet within the retweet. Linking to a tweet does not; it only includes the link, which people have to click on to read.

It’s also useful to know how to link directly to a tweet because this direct link contains important information about the tweet itself, including the exact time that tweet was posted, the service through which it was posted (, TweetDeck, Twitter for Mac etc.) and the number of users who have retweeted it.

(Image courtesy of Pavel Ignatov via Shutterstock)

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