How to Leave the Big City for a Country Home

Working in a large market brings on perks, like a lot of readers, but it can also cause stress due to long hours, mediocre pay mixed with a high cost of living and short deadlines.

Yet, often times, people working in local media for newspapers, television or radio will sweat and grind for years documenting their town or county before getting an opportunity to move to a larger market. But what if you like that good ol’ country feel? There are many reasons a small media market could attract top talent, like getting to truly know a community. So, what if you want the opposite career track, and wish to move from a large market to a small town?
Joe Grimm from Ask the Recruiter suggests the move from a large market to small can happen, but you might need to convince the local editor that you’re not crazy for making the switch. He writes:

Address that in the cover letter, but not in a defensive way. State clearly and passionately your reasons for wanting to move. Do not spend any time on New York or why you want to leave it, but put your energies into explaining what attracts you to the smaller company.

Grimm had another word of warning. If you plan to move, look for newspapers with multimedia, like a solid website, because those that haven’t started adjusting to the Web might not last long.
Photo by: telepathicgeorge