How to Keep your Twitter Account Active – Even When You’re on Vacation

As the warmer weather beckons, Twitter seems less and less important next to a good tan. But don’t let sandy beaches distract you from maintaining an active Twitter account! You can enjoy fun in the sun while your Twitter account happily tweets away – without you guiding it.

Going on vacation doesn’t mean leaving your social media presence to sit dormant. There are a few things you can do to keep up your Twitter appearance while you’re away basking in the summer sun. And these tips can be put into use if you just want a mini-vacation from your Twitter account or the computer in general, too.

First, tie up any conversations you’re currently involved in. It’s not good Twitter etiquette to leave someone hanging! So sign off with a polite but firm end to any ongoing conversations.

Next, you’ll want to decide just how “away” from Twitter you’re going to be. If you are planning on doing a complete blackout and not checking in until you return, that’s fine; but you can also take a “vacation” while maintaining a bit of a skeleton presence on Twitter, checking in once or twice a day on a smartphone or local computer.

In both cases, you’ll want to set up a tweet schedule. This entails writing several tweets ahead of time, and scheduling them (with a dashboard like HootSuite or TweetDeck) to go live periodically throughout the period you’ll be away.

If you’re not going to be checking in to Twitter at all, only pen tweets that don’t require any follow-up. Don’t ask questions, don’t make any controversial statements. This way your Twitter account will remain active but your followers won’t expect a detailed response from you.

If you will be checking in to Twitter from time to time, you can write up a few more involved tweets, like questions or thought-provoking statements. Just make note of when you schedule them (perhaps set an alarm on your phone), and log on to Twitter around that time to respond and interact with your followers.

When creating your tweet schedule, don’t feel the need to tweet as often as you would if you were actually at your desk. Evergreen tweets like the ones you schedule in advance shouldn’t populate your whole Twitter timeline, even if you’re away.

And finally, you likely won’t be retweeting or discussing current events as much while you’re on vacation, as it doesn’t make sense to schedule these in advance. However, by scheduling at least some tweets to go live while you’re away, your Twitter account won’t lie dormant and you can come back to followers who still see you as an active tweeter.

Image courtesy of ReubenInStt