How To Help Haiti Even If You Don’t Have A Job

We took our inspiration from Punk Rock HR today…oh, who are we kidding, we saw Laurie’s post on how to help the victims of the Haiti quake and realized that we totally had to crib her.

If you’re unemployed and watching every penny, it’s less than appealing to donate money. Here’s what you can do instead:

From Laurie:

# Get to know the history of Haiti so you can speak intelligently about the country. It’s not an island. It’s a country that shares a border with the Dominican Republic, and it sits on the island of Hispanola.
# Haiti is a mess, but it has a proud history and gained independence after a slave rebellion. Honestly, the earthquake just adds to the present-day misery of this island. When you know something about the history, and you share your knowledge, you can encourage people (with money) to donate.
# Give blood. It won’t go to Haiti, but it will go to someone in need.

(A couple more ideas at her site)

From the comments:
# Donate used clothes or tools; maybe the local chapter of your Red Cross needs office supplies?

From us:
# It seems silly, but play Freerice. When you answer trivia questions on the site, the site’s sponsors donate ten grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program, which is delivering food relief to Haiti now. Your donations won’t go directly to Haiti, but they may free up the WFP’s financial resources somewhat. Rice is cheap, so you’d have to play the game a LOT in order to match the monetary donation you would have made if you had the cash, but a couple vocabulary words each morning is a great way to wake up the brain.

Thanks in advance for thinking of less fortunate people.