How to Handle Three Bosses Who Get Political Without Playing Referee

We’ve seen this situation all too frequently. You report to one editor but have a dotted line to another and technically you all fall under the umbrella of the managing editor anyway.

But what happens when all three editors don’t see eye to eye, creating the perfect scenario for political warfare?

If it’s any indication from today’s New York Post, the advice is to look for the nearest exit door. Gregory Giangrande, chief human resources officer of Time, Inc., writes in the piece,

“You find a new job. Because while the work load and prioritizing problems that can come up when supporting more than one boss can be solved under better circumstances, you can’t solve the fact that they are unprofessional, don’t like each other and talk behind each other’s backs. So the likelihood of getting them to cooperate to make your job manageable even if you did want to put up with their unprofessionalism is nil.”

Essentially, he doesn’t recommend trying to become a referee. Instead, he advises to transfer internally or look for a new job externally.