How to Handle Salary Info of Your Boss When You Think You Can Do His/Her Job

Okay, there comes a time in everyone’s career when — how shall we put this? — you become privy to information you shouldn’t know. You know, like your boss’ salary.

According to a piece in today’s New York Post, an employee not only discovered the boss’ salary but the bigger issue looms regarding shock value. After all, it’s 10 times the reader’s amount!

Tackling the first piece of finding out confidential info, is just that: Keep it confidential. Under wraps. Hush hush. Is it really anyone else’s business? Would you want someone knowing your salary and then blabbing to others? We didn’t think so.

As for the second piece, realizing the boss is earning big bucks even though the reader thinks he/she can do his job? Let’s not forget about the company talking the talk at year-end saying only small raises are in the budget. Greg Giangrande, chief human resources officer of Time, Inc., doles out old-fashioned advice in his column: Work hard and build your career, too.

“Assuming that you like living and working in the United States, then the free market system works for you too. Your value is primarily determined by the demand for the skills and abilities you have and how successfully you use them to add value to an employer. As you grow, you become more marketable, increasing your opportunities and value with prospective employers. That is the best way to earn promotions and raises, and otherwise build a career.”