How to Handle Long-Term Underemployment During an Interview

interviewIf you’ve been underemployed for a while, this post is for you. According to a piece on today’s New York Post, a reader demonstrated frustration in being underemployed for approximately seven years.

Greg Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, writes:

“It is possible your temp work is affecting your job search for a full-time position — but you’ve been getting interviews. That means the length of your temp work isn’t preventing prospective employers from considering you initially. It might have more to do with how you are performing on those interviews.”

Maybe the energy given off during interviews is thwarting efforts for a new full-time gig. Giangrande says if you come across as negative, that may be why you’re not getting hired.

His advice? Sell your temp experience or contract work as a positive attribute to your portfolio. Show your versatility and how you’re able to assimilate into a variety of cultures and companies.

He adds, “Finally, don’t forget to let every temp employer know you are looking for a full-time position — many hire temp-to-perm.”