How to Handle It When Your Colleagues Earn More Than You

moneyUnfortunately, we’ve seen this all too often. You work side by side with colleagues only to discover you’re doing the same exact work and they’re getting paid a lot more.

What gives?

According to a piece in The New York Post, the best way to ask for a raise is to make your boss feel like “you are worth every dollar.”

The piece emphasizes the importance of doing your homework. Research compensation for your industry and the specific role. “Make a list of your accomplishments, including examples of how you add value to the company, have taken on additional responsibilities, etc. This way, you’ll have a professional basis for requesting a raise — not because you need or want one.”

Here’s the thing — request a raise and feel worth of it but don’t demand one. Be confident, firm, professional and polite but whatever you do, don’t lie. There’s no need to pretend you have another job and that you’re going to leave. The piece adds, “And no bluffing about having another job offer — this isn’t poker, it’s your career.”