How to Handle it When Your College Kid Intern & Offspring Embarrasses You

vision2We know the drill. Your college kid is home for the summer and being the good parent that you are, you landed Sonny a nice internship at your company.

Only thing is, the internship is going south very fast.

Well, according to a piece in The New York Post, this is one of “those teachable moments” when you need to pull together your skills as both a professional and a parent when your kid starts embarrassing you at work.

The piece suggests giving the kid one chance and one day to make it right “and sustain it for the duration of the internship.” If he or she doesn’t, then you’ll simply have to hit the wallet along with any other privileges.

If all else fails, the piece says, “Then you should have known better.” Plus, you can always take your kid out of the role and be sure to apologize to your colleagues. The piece adds: “Anyone with teenagers will understand and empathize, and it will be fine.”