How to Handle E-Cigarette Policies in the Office

ecigaretteThis piece in The New York Post caught our eye. An employee is concerned e-cigarettes have been banned in the office per the company’s non-smoking policy.

The argument is that e-cigarettes don’t emit smoke – “they emit vapor.” Um, not so fast.

Per the piece, Greg Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, points out the popularity of e-cigarettes is pushing the envelope regarding smoking in public places. And yes, policies were meant to be followed.

He writes:

“Everyone is going to get their nicotine fix — whether by smoking like a chimney or by vaping — with the same restrictions in the workplace that exist today. So rather than be a rebel and create a cloud of doubt around your priorities and cube, I wouldn’t be the poster child for worker’s e-cig rights.”

Remember to pick your battles.