How to Handle an Internal Job Move That Goes Sour

Here’s an interesting predicament for you. An internal job posting looks enticing so you throw your hat into the ring and go for it! But alas, you don’t end up getting it. Now your boss treats you differently, knows you’re looking to leave and with review time coming up (not to mention salary increases, if any), you’re wondering if you’ll get left in the dust.

According to yesterday’s New York Post, Gregory Giangrande writes, “You first have to analyze how much of this, if any is you projecting….I’ve seen employees fearful of even attempting to transfer out of unwarranted concern, and others who created a self-fulfilling prophecy by acting differently themselves, causing their boss to have a negative reaction, then blaming their boss for reacting to their actions.”

Although certain bosses will certainly be peeved, the key to handling this situation with finesse is having a good old-fashioned honest conversation. He indicates in the piece, “Prevention is the best medicine, so ideally you’d have an open, honest conversation before the process starts.”

That said, after the interview process if things don’t go as planned, the chief human resources officer for Dow Jones recommends ongoing conversations to leverage this situation as a “catalyst for a talk about how to expand your current job. And a reassuring word that it’s not personal and you remain committed never hurts.”