How to Handle a Technologically Challenged Boss

Ever have a boss who’s a little slow on the technology uptake?

Maybe he or she can’t exactly draft an email without taking half an hour or perhaps he or she’s always the slowest to learn the new voicemail system that’s being implemented.

Well, you’re not alone if this has happened to you and according to today’s New York Post, there are ways to tactfully help without being disrespectful. 

For starters, you’ll need to keep your cool and not let it bother you that your boss is in a more superior position than you and earning more money and still several steps behind in the tech department.

Just keep in mind you’re more marketable because of your savviness and it will expedite your day and alleviate your frustrations more so than being a techno dinosaur.

Second, as pointed out in the piece, don’t embarrass him or her publicly. Gregory Giangrande, chief HR officer at Time, Inc., suggests offering to “reverse-mentor him in private in a fun, supportive way.”

He adds, “Tell him that technology is changing so rapidly it is hard for anyone to keep up — but you’d be happy to help. Who knows, after a while he may even try ‘the Twitter.'”

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