How To Handle A Skype Interview

Employers are less inclined to fly candidates out for a job interview these days. To save money, it’s phone screenings all the way, or the dreaded Skype interview.

Why so dreaded? There are “a lot of ways to mess it up,” says MarketWatch summer intern Catherine Carlock in a video she did on the perils of Skype. Her tips for a smooth experience are more or less what you’d expect: dress nice, have good lighting, make sure to clean up your dingy basement before you train a camera on it. But if you’re prepping for a Skype interview, the short vid is worth a watch.

Here’s what frustrates us. One of Carlock’s reminders is to look toward your camera, not your screen. If you watch your screen, the interviewer will think you’re looking down, because you are. But if you watch your camera, you can’t see what the interviewer is doing. How much does this suck? Tons. When will we have a solution to this problem? Has anyone figured out a workaround?

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