How to Handle a Shady Job Offer

moneyPicture it. You’re extended a part-time offer for a job thinking it’s going to become a full-time position. So, you work diligently and expect the offer and just like that, it arrives.

The only catch? It’s $10,000 less than the original offer before you joined as a part-timer. What should you do? The employer says there may be potential bonuses but nothing’s confirmed. Were they really honest? Can you renegotiate? 

According to Greg Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, yes, you can always try to negotiate your employment terms. In today’s New York Post, he explains, “The worst that can happen is the employer says they can’t make any changes. Unless there was some miscommunication from the beginning, if you feel the discussion was clear and they reneged on what they told you, then that is no way to begin a new commitment with an employer.”But, let’s think about the big picture, okay? What’s your story going to be if you leave? When you meet with prospective employers and talk about your resume, how are you going to explain this new gap after leaving a part-time job that kept your skills sharp and in the game? Giangrande adds, “Try to negotiate a better package if possible, accept the commitment to go from part time to full time and see how it goes.”