How to Handle a Boss Who Yells

If you have a boss who yells, listen up. Or better yet, tone it down. Here are some tactics to manage lessening their volume.

Of course, you can only control your actions and how you react to other people’s behavior but according to a piece in Fortune, there are a few strategies to handle someone who shouts.

1. Say nothing. “Sitting there with a poker face or a quizzical expression, in absolute silence, is sometimes a good way to communicate that what someone just said — or, in this case, how loudly he said it — is offensive to you,” says Steven P. Cohen, president of consulting firm The Negotiation Skills Company.

When in doubt, wait it out. Simply sit there until the boss stops shouting before you continue the conversation by speaking.

2. Calmly explain why his or her yelling bothers you. Talk it out. Cohen suggests saying something like, “When someone yells at me like this, it’s very hard for me to concentrate. I feel as if we’re really not communicating.”

3. Talk very softly. Really make your boss listen to you “even to the point where he asks you to speak a little louder.” This will not only distract the shouter from his cranked up volume but it will shift the attention to you as well.

4. Restate what he or she’s yelling about. Simply repeat back what your boss just shouted out by rephrasing it in your own words. Listen to the actual substance and extract it from the distracting notion of being yelled at.

Cohen explains you can state something such as, “If I understand you correctly, you’re saying we need to….” Plus, he notes when you listen to the substance of your boss’ words, “He may be revealing important information.”