How To Grow Facebook Pages Using Invite Friends Links

Learn how to maximize page growth using Facebook's newest link for suggesting friends click the like button.

Growing a page’s reach requires dedicated fans. These are the people that share your content with friends, tag it in status updates, and take other actions that seed Facebook’s sponsored stories advertising.

Page administrators can convert their friends into dedicated fans using the “invite friends” tool that sends notifications suggesting that contacts like a page. This can help jump-start new pages or further expand more established ones.

Here we’ll walk through how the tool works, and provide strategies for attaining the highest conversion rate on your invites through timing, targeting clusters of friends, and more.

“Invite friends” can be accessed from the right-hand page administration menu that admins see when viewing their own pages. It is the most direct and visible way Facebook has ever allowed admins to send page invites. Therefore, we recommend using this tool now in case the feature undergoes further changes, such as movement to a less visible channel.

Invitation Strategies

You want to send your invites at a time when friends are likely to be accessing Facebook from computers, rather than mobile devices. This is because users are more accustomed to browsing pages from a full sized browser, and some native mobile apps do not support page browsing or liking.

Think about what time zone your intended recipients are in and send invites when they’re likely to be home, such as in the weekday evenings, rather than out using their mobile device, such as evenings and weekends. This way when people first see the notification they’ll have the time and correct browser to check out your page and like it.

If several of a user’s friends like a page within a short period of time, they may see a “[friend name] and [x] other friends like [your page]” story in the news feed.

For instance, if within a few hours, four of my friends Liked the Starbucks page, I might see a news feed story that says “Eric Eldon and three more friends like Starbucks,” with the name of the page linked.

These stories can expose a link to your page to people you aren’t friends with via a compelling implicit social recommendation, helping you earn additional likes from your invites.

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