How To Get Yourself Short-Listed


We just got the top secret heads up about the very cool newsletter Very Short List–which seems to be a full 20 days after Gawker’s top secret heads up. They must be on the So-Very-Short It’s-Not-A-List List.

This daily digest, which they’re calling the “Daily Candy for the Creative Class,” is what you need to know about entertainment, media and culture, hand-delivered to your inbox by Simon Dumenco and Kurt Andersen. Today’s Pick, for example, covers David Bowie’s recent turn on “Extras.” It’s a good bet so you have at least one semi-unique thing to bring up in conversation each day until everyone else ends up subscribing to this and someone blows your cover (sorry if we just ruined your schtick). We also very much like the little pie charts and Venn diagrams that accompany each story.