How to Get Your Story Pitch Out of the Inbox Wasteland

Don't let your pitch read like every other pitch.

Writing a good pitch email requires imagination: imagine you’re an editor, a gatekeeper who must sort through the scores of pitches that hit your inbox on the regular. Keep that sense of inbox inundation in your head as you write your pitch. Think about what it will take to not make your idea sound like every other vague, generic proposal the editor is going to pass over.

Our latest “Journalism Advice” column will take you through the steps that will help make your pitch stand out. For one, think about the pitch as a prelude to who you are as a writer and reporter:

When dealing with editors, especially ones she’s never worked with before, [full-time freelancer Farran Powell] makes sure that the editor will have a sense of her personality by the second sentence of her pitch email. “It’s just like reading a book… someone will glaze over if you don’t write in an exciting way, so I have something in the first sentence or two that shows my personality right off the bat.”

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