How to Get on FNC? Make Deals, Lobby Hard and Have Some B*lls

FishbowlDC has obtained an internal document floating around Fox News in which former TWT Editorial Page Editor and best-selling author Rich Miniter lobbies to appear on and create news packages for several FNC shows. He seeks appearances in exchange for three alleged videos, including one four-minute al Qaeda training video from the Sahara.

Miniter appeared on “Hannity” Wednesday night. He did not discuss what he pitched. Instead the segment was about the mystery missile launch off California that the Pentagon later announced was a plane. Miniter suggested it was a toy. The other guests laughed. A network insider remarked, “There was no earthly reason he should have been on Hannity Wednesday night talking about that missile. He made a complete fool out of himself and the show.” The lobbying letter Miniter wrote to Fox News was addressed to Brian W. Doherty, FNC producer and writer. We hear he also lobbied FNC Executive Producer Brian Gaffney on the matter.

In the letter, Miniter claimed a high-ranking intelligence official handed him the “never-before-seen” DVD of al Qaeda training, another video of them dividing the spoils following a fight with Niger’s army, and a third video of an al Qaeda leader named Abdul Hamid abu Zayd, who was personally responsible for killing British backpacker Edwin Dyer.” In total, he explained, he had three unseen videos.

“So here’s the deal I’d like to work out,” Miniter wrote. “I’d like to give this [sic] videos to Fox and make appearances of [sic] several major Fox shows talking about the video. I’d also like to work with Catherine Herridge on a reported package. If you could let me know who to talk to, that would be great.” Herridge is an American Homeland Security correspondent for Fox News.

FishbowlDC has requested comment from Fox News PR on the matter. Should we get a response we’ll run it. One publicist’s email bounced back and says she is out until Monday. We’ve sent the request to another publicist  in hopes of a response.