How To Get A Job: ‘You MUST Be Enthusiastic!!!’

Jobseekers get a lot of flack for being totally ridiculous (flip-flops to an interview?) or doing things that, in retrospect, weren’t such a great idea, but as readers of MediaJobsDaily hopefully know, sometimes the person sitting on the other side of the desk is worse.

Here’s two blog posts from Kristin, a NYC-twenty-something who was emailed by a recruiter she’d never heard of about a position. Sounds good, right? Sadly, it started to spiral downhill almost immediately….

Part one: Recruiter is patronizing, comes up with silly requirements (like “ask her to write a two paragraph bio about herself in third person, explaining why she is right for this job. Right now, please. (It’s 4:30 pm)”) and forwards correspondence from the hiring manager directly to Kristin, when the hiring manager clearly thought she was just talking to the recruiter (which seems like it should be a big nono).

Part two: Recruiter sends this amazing email (go read the whole thing; neither we nor Kristin added this formatting, though):

Despite that, the writer says she went to the interview anyway and that the people at that company were nothing like this recruiter.

The happy ending: According to a later post on this blog, Kristin accepted a job offer. No telling whether it was this one.