How to generate successful web 2.0 color palette

I’m now working on my blog redesign and I spend a lot of time to thinking what is the most important things to build successful web 2.0 site , any web page in general or, in my case, redesign my blog.

One of the most important things when you are developing website is to choose suitable color palette. I think web 2.0 brigs a lot of new and fresh things in the web design and meaning of the color is now on different, higher level. It is great that you can make your selected color palette to bring added value to the project and be the part of the brand. And, actually, there is no matter it is a small personal blog or corporate website.

In the image below I have displayed few websites with the main website color and I’m sure that without logos above – only seeing the color – you are able to recognize at least couple sites. This example one more time shows how important is to think about right color palette of the website, but how to choose right colors?

How to choose right color scheme for your Web 2.0 project or blog

I’m pretty sure that you can find a ton of tools or color generators that can make good color compositions for you, but I want to share my thoughts about two tools to create successful color palettes.

Kuler – create and share color themes

The first tool is made by Adobe and it is amazing. Kuler is a web application where you can easy create good looking color combinations or pick one already made themes. Kuler have many options how you can operate with the colors and adjustment possibilities are really great, but all this is made to be very simple in use and I think everyone will be able to create perfect theme for their piece of art. When your color theme is ready you can share it with other people and users will be able to vote for your color set and this option also allow others, with less patience to create their own themes, pick up already made color palette and use it to create something beautiful.

Colour Lovers – fight for love in the colour revolution

Second place, where you can find information how to generate successful color palette is Colour Lovers. Great source not only for color themes but there is also a lot of information about colors and how to use them right. If you are real color lover you can read articles and interviews of specialists and designers to become expert in loving colors :). But closer to the theme – big, really big number of ready made color palettes are just waiting to grace some web 2.0 project. At the moment they have over 50,000 color palettes made by users, so I think it is pretty big number for you to find fitting palette for your website or other design object.

I think with the help of these sites you will be able to find your right web 2.0 colors or color schemes for other purposes. I will be very glad to hear from you about other tools that can help developers and designers to create their masterpieces. OK, now I’m going back to continue development of my first WordPress blog theme!
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