How To Format an eBook

So how the heck do you actually make an eBook? While everybody wants a piece of the eBook pie, very few people actually know how to slice it. To get some answers, GalleyCat caught up with Joshua Tallent, a consultant with the company eBook Architects, at the eBook Summit.

In this video, Tallent rant down the most popular eBook formats–which are Kindle followed by Epub–nothing that it’s a bit easier to create a Kindle file than an Epub file (which is a little surprising). He notes that all eBook files are coded with HTML. Finally, he gets excited: “2010 is looking like one of the best years for eBooks,” said Tallent.

For more info on how to format eBooks, check out this free style guide from Smashwords, which includes basic instructions for how to create Kindle, Epub, and PDF.