How To Forge A Brave New Mobile Career’s latest article takes the mystery out of writing for mobile apps, so now you can add “iApp” to your portfolio.

Here are some excerpts:

When it comes to writing content for mobile apps, brevity is best. “Keep it very succinct,” urges Julie Springer, president and co-founder of who oversaw the launch of Endless Beauty’s iPhone and iPad apps. “People don’t like to sit and scroll through the mobile device, so take into consideration that your real estate is really small and put your most compelling content first.”

Unlike Web content, which is often written for search engines and designed to boost click rates, “apps are built for content,” says Derek Walter, a California-based writer who reviews mobile apps and wrote for an iPad magazine before it folded. “For writers this means more freedom to focus on the content and genuine good writing instead of having to worry about making sure Google crawls your copy.”

However, don’t expect to get rich. An app is more of a branding tool—like a blog—or a portfolio piece for now. For example, “Some companies pay writers a flat fee ([Author Susan Johnston] was offered $50 for writing a 210-sentence app, which [she] declined), while others pay based on royalties. For instance, GPSmyCity offers a one-time payment of $25 plus 30 percent of the net sales revenue for major cities or 50 percent of the net sales revenue from each approved guide (the author FAQ page offers more specifics). “They bring in a little bit of revenue, but no one’s gonna get rich,” says [GPSmyCity author Scott] Weber.”

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