How To Find Your Cover Letter Addressee

HolmesInstead of writing “To whom it may concern” on your next cover letter, think about addressing it to the hiring manager by name.

What if you’ve worked your network and asked everyone you know, and nobody knows who to send your letter to?

Pongo Resume suggests some low-tech solutions. Google…it may be as simple as looking for “company name” + “operations manager” (or the manager of whatever department the job is in).

If that doesn’t work, check company press releases, see if there’s a management bio page, or even just pick up the phone and call the company (that’s the most low-tech solution of all).

Chances are there’s more data on the ‘Net, though, than even the company would have guessed. This works for freelancers too! Say you’re trying to figure out who to pitch at a magazine. There may be names online in old, no longer linked-to pages that Google can pick up but clicking from the company’s home page might not. It’s amazing what pops up with just a few keystrokes.

As Pongo says, though, it is not the end of the world should you have to write To Whom It May Concern on your letter. “Your cover letter greeting won’t make or break your chances” as long as you don’t spell the person’s name wrong. Happy sleuthing!