How to Find the Person Who Broke the Embargo

It’s an annoying process among journalists and publicists alike. A company plans a launch of a new product or wants to break news, so the publicist goes to journalist to tell them about the story. But the company often only wants it to go live at pre-specified time, so the two groups agree on a publishing time. This embargo on the news often stands for everyone the publicist contacts.
But then someone breaks the embargo early, grabbing all the early page views. It’s annoying for the journalists and bloggers, but also for the publicists who planned the launch at a specific time. So how do you find that journalist with the quick trigger?

Amit Agarwal, a tech blogger, explains how to catch the offending party, and it looks really easy. You go to then search words that would likely show up on the headline.

After you’ve found the time line of the story, click at the beginning when clicks began to register around the story. “That’s when the news first broke on the Internet and looking at the tweets, you should be able to figure who broke that news,” wrote Agarwal.

It’s as simple as that. Maybe some enforcement of the agreed upon embargo will keep everyone inline and happy.

Photo by banspy