How To Find Coupons With Your Phone

One of the best things about shopping online, besides doing it from the convenience of your own home that is, is all of the deals. Amazon has led us shoppers to expect cheaper prices in the e-commerce world than we expect in stores. And if it’s not on sale or there isn’t a discount being offered, you can always hunt around on sites like to find a coupon code for the retailer you are shopping with.

Well now, that kind of  attitude can enter your in-store shopping brain, thanks to a number of new smartphone apps designed to help you find coupons from manufacturers, retailers, restaurant chains and movie theaters, while you are out and about. Using location targeting, apps like Yowza!! and Qponomics let you find deals based on your location. You can search by city or specific retailer to see what’s being offered up on any given day. Coupon Sherpa has coupons for a host of retailers and fast food joints.

Cellfire and GroceryID are great apps to open up in the grocery store, as both offer deals from major grocery chains on brand name products.