How to Effectively Work in Pairs

TeamworkAh, if only we wrote how to effectively work in Paris, now that would be something! Okay, we’re getting a little punchy here in MediaJobsDaily-land but it’s in the spirit of you, our faithful reader!

Whether you’re working as a PR freelancer with a co-founder of your company or whether you’re paired up with a colleague at the day job, there are a few key things to remember about working as a duo.

As pointed out in a piece on Psychology Today, there’s specific insight about how pairs create.

1. You’re in sync. At some point in this “marriage,” are you able to complete your business partner’s sentence? Think alike? Get each other really quickly? You may be onto something. (That said, some pairs work really well when they’re opposite such as having a business developer/strategic partner and the other person’s the content creator. In either scenario, chances are you know each other pretty well.)

2. Rivalries begin. Per the piece, some successful creative couples have had to fight it out with each other. Yeah, they still worked together successfully for years and years but realized sparring was part of their chemistry.

3. Bonds may be asymmetrical (and that’s okay). In some instances or even in some projects, one creator may be dominating over the other like a boss and his or her assistant. At other times, they lines aren’t so easily drawn. The piece mentions, “The bonds between creative partners isn’t always overt, as with Lennon and McCartney, where both are known for a common body of work.”

4. Creative pairs find a balance. Like any relationship, over time a rhythm develops and the pair discovers a balance between connecting with each other and working independently.

The piece adds: “To create well together, we need both alone time to access our subconscious (including during sleep) and social connection, which is one way of evaluating those brilliant ideas borne of flow to determine what will actually work.”