How to Dress, Dine and Date Like a NYC Design Maven

Via Core77 we were directed to something we may never have noticed: New York Magazine’s “A Guide to Ten Different New Yorks,” most notably starring The Design Maven. (No, not the Design Maven who loves to hide out in the comments of your favorite blogs.)

Upon viewing the illustration above you almost certainly went head first into your monitor with disbelief. It’s uncanny how similarly you are dressed today, what with your black v-neck, gray cargo pants and blue Converse sneakers (Yes, Converse! Those designers are absolutely bonkers when it comes to sneakers, you know?) It’s amazing, really, that they picked up on details like your traffic cone-orange messenger bag–probably Jack Spade–in which you carry important design items, including all the important design items which do not fit in your ever-present FedEx box (He definitely needs a FedEx box because he has to send some work to some clients. They always have clients, right?). And your black spectacles, with those squarish frames, which you don’t really need at all to see, but you need to wear, to feel more…like a design maven.

The list is actually a nice trip around Manhattan, with stops at Pentagram, Muji (still materializing), Florent, and The Cooper Union, which is heralded as the consummation capital for design power couples like Liz Diller-Ricardo Scofidio and Abbott Miller-Ellen Lupton.

The illustration, by the way, is by Jorge Colombo, and we’d love to know what color cargo pants he’s wearing today.