How to Donate Your Old Cell Phone

old_cellsEvery two years I upgrade my cell phone, retiring my old cell into what has affectionately become known as the “junk drawer.”

Part of me loves to hold onto older technology, knowing that one day I’ll laugh at how backwards it was that I thought it was cutting-edge at the time. It’s like holding onto one of those ginormous cell phones from the movie Wall Street.I’ve heard of donating phones but was honestly not sure how to go about it or what the true benefits were. I’d like to share info on the launch of a new Website, Owned by ReCellular Inc., a global recycler and reseller of used cell phones, the Website makes donating your phone a breeze, even letting you choose where the proceeds from your charitable contribution will go.

The benefit of donating your fold is three-fold. First, you protect the environment by keeping potentially harmful electronics out of landfills. Second, up to $50 per phone will be donated to one of eight charities currently affiliated with ReCellular. From fighting breast cancer, feeding the hungry, hooking ugup the troops or helping children born with various illnesses, you choose where the money goes. Third, donations are tax-deductible.

Upon visiting the Wesbite, you just download and print a prepaid mailing label. Put only the phone and the battery in the box and ReCellular will recondition and reprogram phones, which are then sold to wholesalers. The proceeds of the sale is the money that goes to the charity of your choice. Non-functional phones will be dismantled and recycled per EPA standards.

An estimated 130 million cell phones are replaced in the U.S. each year. As of this post, only 2-percent of these phones are recycled.

I’m about to ship out five. Maybe with your help, we can bump up that number.