How To Delete All Of Your Tweets – Permanently

While we think Twitter is just the bee’s knees, some people don’t. Some people actually want to leave Twitter forever, without a trace. If this is something you’ve considered, we won’t judge you. In fact, we’re here to help: we’ve got the single best tool for deleting all of your tweets permanently, without a chance of recovery.

So the big question you’ve got to ask yourself, before you delete all of your tweets, is why you’re doing it. Sometimes, businesses want to transfer a Twitter account from one person to another, and wiping all past tweets is necessary. Or maybe it’s your account, and you just want a fresh start.

Whatever your reason, be sure that you really want to do this. Because once you delete all of your Tweets, you won’t be able to get them back.

If you’re sure, absolutely, positively sure, that you want to go through with this, here’s how:

Access the website TwitWipe, and log in to Twitter using oAuth. You’ll then be prompted to click a button reading “TwitWipe this account”, and you’ll be given one last opportunity to back out before accepting the terms of service. If you are absolutely sure you want to go through with it, one more click and your tweets will be no more.

Twitter itself doesn’t offer the option to delete all of your tweets in a single click, so TwitWipe is an ideal solution if you want to keep your account but not any of the tweets. We just ask that you really, really think twice before going through with it, because once they’re deleted, you can’t get your tweets back. Ever.