How to Deal With a New Boss & Your Reliable Work From Home Arrangement

Here’s the situation: Let’s just say you were hired under the condition that you were going to be able to work from home. A lot. Each and every day. Whatever the conditions, they were specifically outlined in your offer letter.

You’ve proven yourself, you’ve remain connected with the home office and you’ve been downright productive the past few years. Bam! You’ve been introduced to a new boss.

If the boss wants to end your work from home situation that has been working pretty well up until now, listen up. You may want to start looking for a new job.

This may not be what you wanted to hear but according to a piece in today’s New York Post, that’s your most likely recourse. There’s probably not a contract in place with your employer that prevents it from altering this work from home arrangement and technically your new boss may shake things up by revoking it from you.

Gregory Giangrande, chief HR officer for Time, Inc., points out in the piece you may be eligible for severance if you don’t accept the change. This is because there would be a significant change in the working conditions outlined in the employment offer.

That said, it may not need to come to that. Why not outline your case and speak to your new boss about it?

He adds, “But before you pound the pavement looking for a new job, try crafting a persuasive pitch for your boss to continue the arrangement temporarily, so you can have an opportunity to demonstrate just how successful the arrangement has been — and will continue to be.”