How To Customize Facebook Profile Layout

It is known that you can’t customize your Facebook layout beyond recognition like you do in MySpace for example. It have very much advantages because it makes it more solid and helps protect your eyes from artwork that was created by some monkey without taste. But of course anyone of us would like to separate their personality from the crowd and by the first look Facebook don’t give you such possibility.

But if you want something you can find it! First sign that you want to customize your virtual life at Facebook is that you are reading this article and of course I will give you an option to add a little personality to Facebook.

Cool guys from Facebook Expressions web site have created plugin that lets you to add graphic images to Facebook. At their site you can find nice designed pictures and with one click add them to your Facebook profile page. You are able to create your own images also – they will need to go thought approval process but if your idea is great you will be famous! 🙂

If you know more ways to customize Facebook – leave comment below!