How to Customize, Download or Make Your Own Windows 7 Themes

Since I upgraded my Windows form Vista to Windows 7 I’m really enjoying how fast and smooth everything works. I’m one of those who honestly thinks that Windows 7 is the best Windows yet. Today I went for little hunting – my goal was to find some cool Windows themes to switch from default ones to something more interesting. That’s why I will share some useful links to download, customize and make your own Windows 7 themes.

Download Windows 7 themes


The default place where to search for some custom themes. Besides themes you can find here also desktop gadgets and backgrounds/wallpapers.


This is my favorite place to get high quality windows themes as thy are created my many creative designers and people who love tweak design related things including Windows. You can search for themes or wallpapers and I can guarantee you will wind real masterpieces that suits your taste.

Customize or Make your Own Windows 7 Theme

You should definitely start by watching this video from Microsoft how to customize your theme. You will find there basic things and maybe it will be enough for you to tweak your theme.

For more advanced users I may recommend this guide made by Ars Technica on how to unlock themes and make your own.

You can also install Rainmeter – powerful desktop customization platform which can help you to do almost everything you imagine with windows look. It is not focused so much on design but functionality – with help of Rainmeter you can keep an eye on your system resources, online data streams (email, RSS) – there are also weather forecasts, tio-do lists and many other features depending on your settings.

Some of My Favorite Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM by sagorpirbd

Win7-Blend for Windows 7 v1.8 by zainadeel

AeroLighting For Windows 7 by neodesktop

Win7-Blend for Windows 7 v1.0 by zainadeel

Shadow for 7 by krissirk