How to Cringe At Two Things At Once


When you have that thought that you’d like to spend an evening with a fun, engaging video game, perhaps some sort of car driving simulation, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? That’s right: “It’d be totally awesome to make sure my belt and shoes match!” Such will be the case when Ben Sherman has their entire line included in the new game “Test Drive Unlimited.” We’ve all heard a billion things about getting advertising into games and this is just another. But in reading that a player “must choose from a wardrobe of Ben Sherman clothes in which to drive high-performance vehicles in races on 1,000 miles of Hawaiian roads,” this writer anyway, thinks that the core audience of this game is going to hate every second of that and audibly laugh at the sheer corporate blah of it all. In-game billboards and the like are one thing, but to make it so engrained seems cheap and lazy. But who are we to tell? If we’re on the streets of Hawaii anytime soon and we see a Ben Sherman’d up 18 to 49 year old zipping by in a Ferrari, we’ll then know we were wrong.