The Easiest Way to Create GIFs From YouTube Videos

Making GIFs to share on social media has never been this easy.

Those small moving images files better known as GIFs are the darlings of the Internet, but they’re also annoying to create without Photoshop. That’s no longer true with this new web application that lets you generate your own GIFs from YouTube videos. All it takes is a few mouse clicks:

  • To get started, just type “gif” into the URL of the YouTube video of choice and hit “Enter.” A URL of…” will then read “…”


  • This action will take you to GIF YouTube where you will be able to watch and then select your favorite YouTube video clip for GIF-conversions. Select your beginning frame and the length of the GIF loops (up to 10 seconds).
  • Or, you can also copy/paste the video’s URL straight into the site
  • Your GIF request gets added to the site’s queue, and when the file is ready for sharing, you can show off your new Graphics Interchange Format file to friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and of course, Reddit.

Here is a video and a GIF I made using GIF YouTube: