How To Cover The Inauguration

D.C.’s Regional Reporters Association will give you some advice:

    After a few suggestions, we’ve put together a panel discussion on how to cover the inauguration that we hope will be
    helpful. Details below.

    Covering the inauguration

    Please join us for a panel discussion on tips and techniques for
    covering the inauguration and swearing in of President-elect Barack
    Obama. For those of you who have never covered one, or haven’t thought about it since that last snowy inauguration, please join us on Dec. 8 at 11 a.m. for a low-key chat about the low-down on inaugurations.

    Carole Florman, communications director, the Joint Congressional
    Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies
    Joe Keenan, superintendent, Senate Press Gallery
    David Lightman, McClatchy Washington correspondent
    Jim Carroll, of the Lexington Courier-Journal

    Date: Dec. 8, 2008
    Place: TBA
    Time: 11 a.m.