How to Correctly Bug a Design Firm for Work

The strong minds over at Industrial Brand Creative have new essay up, “Me Go Long Time, Only $30,000,” catered specifically to the thousands of people sending them their portfolios, looking for work. It’s a great read for students, who will just be starting to venture out into this ugly real world the rest of us have to inhabit, but it’s also probably not a bad catch-up for any freelancer who hasn’t been getting as many bites of late. Here’s some:

…you’ll hear lots of rhetoric from busy people. Sometimes they take an extra moment to give more honest, personal feedback. Cherish this. Don’t expect a job from people, be happy to simply get advice, and take it (sometimes with a grain of salt). Ask if you can be back in touch sometime. From the answer you can intuit whether there might be something in the future. Then actually do it. Be good if you had something new to offer when you do.