How to Claim Your Fame in Social Talent Networking Site Taltopia in 4 Easy Steps

taltopia_logo.gifFirst, a brief background about Taltopia. is an entertainment community for discovering up and coming talent and their fans. It’s a social talent network that aims to help the next aspiring artists get noticed and claim their fame. It also helps these artists land some great gigs, build contacts or simply to socialize with fellow aspiring artists and fans.
taltopia_featured_talent.jpgFormerly called, Taltopia was founded by Allan Vartazarian and Anthony Zanontian, two young entrepreneurs who self-funded the site until it finally gets a whopping $800,000 funding from With the money in their bank, the two entrepreneurs plan to develop further Taltopia into a vibrant community of talents, industry professionals and most importantly of fans.

If you are an aspiring talent, Taltopia lets you get featured on the Wall of Fame where you will get maximum exposure for a certain period of time. You can get into the Wall of Fame by buying spots using Famebucks, Taltopia’s currency. You can earn Famebucks by buying, using the site features and receiving donations from friends and contacts.

Ready to claim your fame? Here are the four steps that could get you started:

Create a free profile, upload videos, audio or picture, of yourself of course.

Browse through the site and vote for talents.

Help talents promote themselves by using Taltopia’s promotion tools and donating Famebucks to talent you like.

Discover – If you are an industry professional, your next act could be somewhere in Taltopia. If you are a talent, Taltopia could help you land your first gig. Find new band members, models, or actors in the Taltopia network. The more active you become in the Taltopia community, the more exposure you would surely get.

Just a reminder before you join Taltopia with the aim of getting famous, check if you got what it takes to become the next Web-celebrity.