Where To Charge Your Phone in NYC

Chances are you don’t own a solar powered cell phone, and besides, it’s not all that sunny on the East Coast today.  Thankfully for those New Yorkers without power, Mayor Bloomberg announced that AT&T is setting up mobile wireless pods around the city where you can charge your phone, and get decent reception. These will be set up near food and water distribution centers throughout the city.

Or if you are in DUMBO, there is a cooler way to go. A company called BioLite who has set up charging station with their high tech camping stoves.

Gothamist explains that the BioLite camp stove, “enables users to ‘cook dinner and charge electronics anywhere, with just a handful of kindling.’ We’re told that the stoves can charge a cell phone in the time that it takes to charge up your phone using a laptop. The stoves can also be used to power LED lights.”