HOW TO: Block Facebook app requests and manage other app activity

Weary of invites in your notification bar to play Facebook games or try apps? Wishing you could delete a Facebook app from your profile? Here’s how to become a pro at managing Facebook applications and cut back on unwanted notifications and News Feed stories.

Blocking apps

So you don’t play Candy Crush Saga or listen to music on Spotify, but your friends do. This means you’ve likely gotten invitations to play a game or connect with an app that you’re probably not interested in. There’s a way to block notifications from certain users and apps within the settings menu.

From the Facebook settings page, click “Blocking,” on the left menu.

Once on the Blocking page, users can scroll down to block friends from sending app invites, as well as completely block app activity from certain apps. Simply type in the name of an app (or the name of the person constantly sending app invites), and then save your settings, and the changes will go into effect. Note that through advertisements and other posts, blocked apps could still show up in the News Feed. This will just make it so friends cannot invite the user to try an app.

Stopping notifications

Whenever you receive a notification from an app, you can click on the “x” beside the notification to stop receiving pushes from that app. Then the user can choose to stop receiving notifications from that app.

Hide app activity from News Feed

Here’s how to hide app stories from News Feed. Granted, this will not block sponsored stories and advertising about certain games from appearing in the News Feed. Sometimes, app publishers will push ads that look like regular stories, showing how a friend vanquished a foe or went up another level in a game.

But there is a way to hide an app’s organic stories.

When you go to the story in News Feed, click the arrow in the top-right corner.

When you click Hide, you’re able to hide future app stories from that person as well as that particular app.

Deleting apps from your Facebook profile

Go back into the settings page, but this time click Apps on the left hand menu. This will lead users to a list of all Facebook apps they’ve connected to their account since it was created. From here, users can delete the app (by clicking the “x” on the right side of the app) and manage the visibility of posts the app makes. You can also turn off notifications from certain apps.

In the collapsed list of apps, users can quickly delete by clicking the light blue “x” in the right side of each app. Users can also choose to delete all activity that app generated on their Facebook timeline.

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